Book Review of Eyes of Prey

Kartik Narayanan
2 min readAug 13, 2021


Wow. Eyes of Prey really hits it out of the park, as far as I am concerned.

It has great protagonists, a brilliant ending, plenty of action and lots of detective work.

This story is so much like an Agatha Christie novel when it comes to the basic premise. What if two people decided to kill each other’s victims, while providing a cast alibi for themselves. There are shades of Dial M for Murder here but I am not revealing spoilers since this is pretty much told in the beginning of the story. Of course, the book is far more violent, gory and realistic.

I loved the concept of having the Beauty and the Beast as the protagonists. One is amoral while the other is immoral. The Beauty ticks all the boxes for being an evil vile person and it is fascinating to see how he manipulates the people around here.

Lucas Davenport’s character is also more human here. He is suffering from depression and prone to fits of violent rage. I loved the depiction of his mental struggles and how refuses treatment while the people around him urge him to do so. As always, he continues to be a dog when it comes to the opposite sex but it is muted this time. In fact, the woman takes control this time, which makes for a welcome change. I also liked how he has matured over the last three books and the ending demonstrates that.

The climax and the post-climax climax are excellent. I, for one, didn’t see it coming. And when I finished reading it late at night, it stunned me so much that I spent the night thinking about it.

Overall, Eyes of Prey is fantastic. I am looking forward to the next Lucas Davenport story.