Book Review of ‘The Final Play’

Kartik Narayanan
2 min readAug 9, 2021

The Final Play is a sad, disappointing mess of a story. I have so many issues with it concerning the characters, the plot, the setting — basically everything.

First off, Mr. David Baldacci, you lost me in the opening chapter itself. No smart person talks like that. Especially when about to get involved in another intense activity. And just for the record, inserting words like quantum, time shift etc do not elevate the book, if used incorrectly and without any regard for the science behind it. Science is not a magic superpower (duh). The main character cannot be awesome suddenly just by imagining he is a photon undergoing quantum tunnelling.

Secondly, the plot is predictable AF. Yeah, who didn’t see the final confrontation coming? Also, the main character says he spoke withe police and requested them to grant an audience with the accused before they arrested him? WTF.

Thirdly, you are trying to make your main character a Gary Stu. Smart like a physicist, tough like an athlete, come on man, make up your mind. Detective fiction needs a challenge and the detective needs a weakness. Basic, story telling 101.

Also, what’s up with the visions and the ghost of Christmas past coming back to help the main character solve the mystery. Come on, this is kid stuff.

Anyway, overall, the book stinks and the only saving grace is that it is short.