Book Reviews of ‘Silent Prey’ and ‘Winter Prey’

Silent Prey Review

I am a bit ambivalent about Silent Prey. On the one hand, the portions of the book with Bekker are great. As is the police/detective work, especially Lucas Davenport’s. Lucas is also more fragile and human i.e. his ‘alpha’ is no longer over the top. But, the author choses to weave another plot involving vigilante cops, with equal priority into the story. I think each of these plot lines would have been better served as an individual book instead of splitting them into two.

Otherwise, this book has the things that we have come to expect from this series.

Winter Prey Review

The origins of the sex ring are never quite explained nor is the fact how such a thing could happen in a town of only 7000 people. The iceman wasn’t compelling enough either. He just seems dumb compared to the other opponents Lucas has faced. The real mystery is how he keeps getting away with it.

The funny thing I have noticed in other reviews (and to some extent even in mine) is the inordinate focus on Lucas Davenport and how much of an ass he is. While he has some reprehensible behavioural traits, I really hope the author doesn’t dilute his character as the series progress. It seems to me that if we keep talking about the main character’s failings so much, the author must be doing something right. Otherwise, the series becomes yet another police procedural, albeit one that is good, instead of great.



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